Equipment Maintenance

At LuGreg Trucking, LLC we take pride in our equipment. Maintenance has been set as one of the top priorities of our company to keep up with the demanding workload of the oilfield. It is our goal to have the safest, most dependable equipment in the industry. To achieve these goals, we start by having a solid preventive maintenance program in place. Preventative and routine maintenance is performed on all equipment to be proactive instead of reactive to the needs of the equipment. By being proactive in our maintenance, LuGreg Trucking, LLC can meet the demands of our customers better and keep in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Several preventative maintenance programs have been implemented at LuGreg Trucking, LLC to provide guidelines to the workforce to maintain the equipment in good working order. The programs and policies described include; driver pre/post trip vehicle inspections, annual vehicle inspections, vehicle maintenance, roadside inspections, and vehicle breakdown/road repair. LuGreg Trucking, LLC has embraced the methodology that preventative maintenance prolongs the life of equipment, minimizes equipment downtime, and reduces cost related to unscheduled maintenance. A good preventative maintenance program lowers repair frequency, reduces overall maintenance cost, and most importantly provides our drivers and the public with a safe operating vehicle that is fit for daily use.