Processes & Industry Best Practices

Programs and Policies

LuGreg Trucking, LLC has developed and implemented a safety program that is second to none. The safety and health of our team members and the environment are top priority. Our policies and procedures cover applicable requirements and standards from many governing bodies to include the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration, Pipeline Hazardous Material Safety Administration and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, among others.

Processes and Industry Best Practices

LuGreg Trucking, LLC has many processes and industry best practices that we have implemented to equip us better to conduct business in the safest way possible. Some of these include:

  • Monthly Driver Safety Meetings
     LuGreg Trucking, LLC believes that monthly safety meetings are vital to the success of building a strong safety culture. LuGreg Trucking, LLC highly encourages full participation from team members in the discussion of the hazards and dangers of the environment that we work in to bring full awareness to all of our team members.
  • Tailgate Safety Meetings
    LuGreg Trucking, LLC understands the importance of communication. When LuGreg Trucking, LLC is on a worksite with multiple parties we strive to conduct tailgate safety meetings so that everyone at the workplace communicates what they will be doing and all hazards on location can be disclosed to all parties. This allows for better communication, fewer incidents, a safer workplace, and improved productivity.
  • Job Safety Analysis
    LuGreg Trucking, LLC is committed to performing JSA’s in all areas of business that may present a hazard to our customers or our team members. We are committed to teaching techniques that demonstrate LuGreg Trucking LLC’s commitment to safety and health. By implementing JSA’s in our work and our training program we hope to eliminate and prevent hazards in our workplaces that will result in fewer worker injuries and illnesses; safer, more efficient work methods; and increased employee productivity.
  • Driver Training/Mentor Program
    LuGreg Trucking, LLC prides itself in providing the safest and best service in the area. We believe that this is accomplished by providing a driver training/mentoring program that teaches our drivers the safest and most efficient way to perform their daily duties. This program allows LuGreg Trucking, LLC to ensure that our drivers are proficient in both operating a CMV safely and operating the equipment that helps us provide a superior service to our customers.