These are just a few of the fluid logistics services that we provide. If you need it done we will do our best to find a safe and efficient way to get the job done. Our motto is “If it’s difficult….we do it immediately. If it’s impossible, it may take a little longer.”

“Best in Class” Services

  • Salt Water Hauling
  • Fresh Water Hauling
  • Flowback Water Hauling
  • Drilling Mud Hauling
  • Methanol Hauling
  • Pulling Tank Bottoms
  • Fluid Transfer
  • Tubing Loading Services
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Spill Cleanup Response
  • Completion Fluids
  • High Pressure Services
  • Hot Oiler Services

Provided By “Best in Class” Equipment

  • Vacuum Transports
  • HazMat Transports
  • Bobtail Trucks
  • HazMat Bobtails
  • Hot Oil Units
  • High Pressure Pump Trucks
  • Frac Tank Rental
  • Acid Frac Tank Rental
  • Winch Trucks